In this section, you can change colors at everything on your store page


Primary & Background for page body

Home page

Product page

Collection page

Text & Heading

Text (red) - for placeholder, drop-down inputs, info messages, etc

Headings (blue) - for block headings

Collection page

Product description

Blog post

Link & Active link

Popup background


Here you may configure the colors for buttons

Default button

Here you may configure background, border and text colors. For default and hover (active) button states.

The button type depends of selected skin. Here are examples of default buttons

Secondary button

You may configure the colors for second button type. For default button state (like on previous image) and hover button state.

Clean, invert buttons

Clean and invert are another type of buttons, you may configure colors in the same way as for default & secondary buttons

Configure button type

You may change the button type for:

  • Add to cart button @ collection page
  • Add to cart button @ product page
  • Wishlisht button @ product page
  • Compare button @ product page


Here you may configure the header backgrounds. The header line number depends on the header type. Please check the example for header type #5


Here you may configure the menu colors


Here you may configure the footer colors

Paint Palette

Here you can change the colors for the base, base background, text, additional background, borders, icons, diverse labels, such as success or “In stock”, error or “Sale”, “New”, “Hot”, and for the dynamic checkout button.


Base background


Additional background

This option applies for headers with two backgrounds



Success, In stock & Error, Sale, & Label 'New' & Label 'Hot'

Dynamic checkout btn

Label 'Pre-order'

Input background

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