Promo box

Promo boxes are part of a mega menu in the header. You can add or change images in the promo boxes following these steps: in Shella Admin go to Sections -> Header -> Content -> Mega-Promo box.

Promo box effects (sec)

This option enables you to decide how smooth the animation of the images in the promo boxes should be, using a time scale from 0.0 to 1.0 seconds.


Here you can enable or disable tooltips on all shop pages.


The style of the tooltips can also be changed. There are 5 possible tooltips styles: fade, scale, shift-toward, shift-away, and perspective.

Sticky header opacity

Here you can change the sticky header opacity on the opacity scale from 0.5 to 1.0.

Header tape slide duration (sec)


Animation style for content on image hover

In this section, you can choose an animation style for content on image hover. There are 6 possible styles: toggle, fade, emersion horizontal, emersion vertical, emersion all, and scale.

Buttons animation

Here you can enable or disable an animation for icons on the 'Add to cart', 'Add to compare', and 'Add to wishlist' buttons hover.

“Shake” animation

This option enables animation for the “Add to cart” button on the Product Pages.

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