Quick Start

1. Watch video tutorial how to install theme and import demo theme settings.

Important! Unzip file from themeforest.net and find theme ZIP file inside.

2. Read FAQ to get answers on frequent questions.

3. Theme settings. Configure theme settings at Online store -> Themes -> Customize -> Theme settings

4. Dynamic sections. You can add or remove sections for the home page. For example, Builder, Product carousel, Collections, One product. Go to Sections -> Add section.

5. Static sections. They are store wide. For example: Header, Footer, Popups, Footbar, Product Variants. Go to the Sections tab.

6. Static sections per page. Configure unique features per page type. For example: 'Product Page' and 'Related products carousel' sections for product pages or 'Sidebar' and 'Head' sections for collection pages. !!! _Navigate to page_ !!! and check the Sections tab.

Please note, list of sections in the Sections tab will be different depending on the current page. You can navigate to a needed page via store preview or using Shopify page type switcher. Please check the Editing theme settings Shopify help page for more details.


Knowledge Base

The following articles are the most helpful articles. One of them might be the one you look for.